Everybody Understands, but No One Wants to See It

Me: Finding the Missing Pieces

This is the definition of stigma.  Stigma of seeing people mourning.  Of seeing people with developmental delays.  Of seeing people with physical injuries or illnesses.  Of seeing people with visible signs of mental illnesses.  Of seeing those shorter or those taller, or those with different colors, different languages, different clothes.  We all know about it.  We all know that ‘Difference’ is out there.  And many of us (no, not all…especially not those of us who ARE different somehow), are uncomfortable with that knowledge.  Many of us remain uncomfortable even with lots of education about stigma, despite knowing, can’t seem to stop thinking that any difference is crazy, scary, inexplicable and definitely NOT normal.  Seeing those with any difference only seems to make this majority group angry and heartlessly cruel.  And this stigma breeds.  These ‘normal’ folk have such an intrinsic need to make others with differences be outcasts, that despite…

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