01-08-15 – Thursday – I Like my Coffee Black

Simple Living Over 50

I read a quote yesterday, “If you like coffee, drink it black. If you have to add anything to it like creamer or sugar then you probably don’t like drinking coffee”. So just for the simple challenge I started drinking it black, and guess what? I like it!

Blood Sugar – 92, Weight – 170.6

Distance – 1.90
Time – 28:45
Calories – 218.4

Breakfast – 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon
Lunch – Chicken Parm
Dinner – Steak, Broccoli

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One Response to 01-08-15 – Thursday – I Like my Coffee Black

  1. Wow good for you! I managed to drink tea without sugar and without milk years ago and now I couldn’t drink it otherwise. In fact once by mistake I sipped a bit of tea with sugar that I spit it out immediately because I disliked the taste. I also drink hot chocolate without sugar if I find it in coffee shops. But I’ve never tried black coffee without sugar though I drink latte or cappuccino without sugar. I shall give it a try though I must say that coffee without sugar is really bitter, especially so espresso..

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