I am a type 2 and am eager to get rid of it.  My life has become complicated ever since the diagnosis.  I cannot eat high carb foods, I have to exercise and diabetes is always on my mind.  My friends had a cookout but I couldn’t drink wine coolers (high carbs), couldn’t eat hamburgers off the grill (high fat), was seeping iced tea most of the time and felt like an ugly duckling.  So yes, I would love to have my diabetes cured, am looking forward to that day.

Once I came back home, I started googling it, and came across an interesting discussion on Diabetes UK site   Apparently I am not the only one wanting their diabetes cured.  Here’s a bunch of inquiring minds headed in the same direction.

However the opinions have split.  The OP claims to have their diabetes reversed by eating vegetarian food, herbal supplements and exercising.  Their BG levels went from whopping 200 down to 92.

The discussion quotes Professor Taylor website Reversing Type 2 Diabetes where the professor claims that if you lose weight, diabetes will disappear.

And then, there is the Newscastle Diet and how one Richard Doughty has reversed his diabetes in just 11 days by “starvation diet” and exercise. He claims to be diabetes-free now. Wow, music to my ears.

The opponents say that the only way to know if you’re cured is to resume eating an unrestricted diet that includes bread, rice, pasta, a family-sized chocolate bar etc. and see how this affects your BG level.

Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes?  What do you think?



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  1. I would suggest all diabetes be tested for Celiac disease. It is autoimmune disease and celiacs manny have it. You need to avoid the grains wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats. Your body thinks graines are foreigner and produces antigens to fight them.It is not an allery but a genetic disease.

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