2015 Diabetes Blog Week Day 2 — Keep It To Yourself

2015 Diabetes Blog Week

Many of us share lots of aspects of our diabetes lives online for the world to see.  What are some of the aspects of diabetes that you choose to keep private from the internet?  Or from your family and friends?  Why is it important to keep it to yourself?

There are some things related to my diabetes that I normally don’t want to discuss.  One of them is my diet.

I thought it goes without saying that once you have diabetes, you have to avoid eating anything that’s sweet.  Yet some folks proceed on telling me either that diabetes is all in my head or else it’s no big deal.  Forget it; eat all you want & enjoy life.

Yet there are others that keep on pushing “diabetes cure” such as drinking water.  Drink all you can, they say, and you’re cured in no time flat.  Water is panacea for it all. This is something that big pharma doesn’t want you to know etc.

Even thought I disagree, I don’t really want to argue as I don’t like coming across as preaching. I hate it when someone preaches to me.  So I’d wrap it up and depart.

The other thing is, Social Security Disability that I am on, although initially it wasn’t for diabetes.  It was for the RA that is short for Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My joints hurt especially when the weather is about to change.  I always know when the rain is coming my way.

For those unaware, one of the reasons I am even receiving it is because I worked and paid taxes.  The two words, Social and Security, are the keywords.  I have earned this right.  It irks the heck out of me when someone equals this with welfare and then proclaims that they work their tails off to support me.  Nothing can be further from the truth and I bet they can barely support themselves. Some people clearly have problems with a  comprehension of Social Security. Methinks they’re in need of the continuing education on the subject but I’m not going to waste my time explaining.  I just walk away, whether in real life or online.

Yet one more thing is not seeing a doctor.  Over the years, I’ve encountered plenty of attitudes from the doctors so I now I want to avoid them altogether. Please note plural. My last doctor’s appointment belongs to the moment of being finally diagnosed and I am so not subjecting myself to anything like that again, period.  I know how to manage my diabetes that I think is actually a pre-diabetes or maybe LADA that I’d learned about only online.

If I ever see a doctor, they’ll do a test and then proceed on telling me that such-and-such numbers are because of your RA (rheumatoid arthritis) or diabetes.  Yes, what else is new?  I know this already, a few times over.

I will not see a doctor unless I need a prescription refill, period.  And don’t want to talk about it except on  this post.

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4 Responses to 2015 Diabetes Blog Week Day 2 — Keep It To Yourself

  1. Thanks, Kelly. My thoughts exactly


  2. Kelly Booth says:

    I have been lucky and have only had one person accuse me of being on welfare because I was on disability. He told me what I was collecting had nothing to do with what I earned. Yes, he was an idiot!

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  3. You said my feeling exactly. I remember when Social Security started. It was really another tax Roosevelt would be shocked if he saw how it evolved. I get so tired of having tests and being told nothing is wrong.

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