Back in the green again!

For those unaware, being in the green means having a good sugar level, while in the yellow means the other way around.  This term is adapted from the Diabetic Connect website.

For the last couple of days I was in the yellow.  I think I’ve messed up with my meal routine, skipped some snacks and had my supper late.  My morning fasting BG was around 115.  Still in the normal range but it should be closer to the 100 as it used to.

All day yesterday, I stuck to the diet, drank plenty of water and didn’t even think about an occasional Tootsie Roll that I was told I can have.  I was really working on it.  Even checked the postprandial number at around 6pm that I don’t usually do, but now I wanted to know where I was headed.  It was a 100.

This morning my fasting BG number is 105.  Yay!   🙂


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