Diabetes Service Dogs

If you have Type 1 diabetes & developed Hypoglycemia Unawareness, you might want to have a trained diabetes service dog.  The process of getting a service dog may take some time.  May training groups require that potential clients undergo screenings and home visits to make sure their homes and lifestyles are suited for the use of a personal service dog.  Besides, you must be able to financially provide for your dog.

The service dogs are trained to detect the scent of hypoglycemia in insulin-dependent diabetics.   Most of the facilities train such dogs for Type 1 diabetes, although some will train them for Type 2 as well.  Sometimes cats can do this, too.

As per Healthline website,  diabetes service dogs are trained to help patients in the following ways:

  • Recognize symptoms and alert you to impending hypoglycemia;
  • Test your breath for low blood sugar;
  • Act as a brace if you have fallen and need support getting up;
  • Alert others if you are unresponsive and need assistance;
  • Bring objects such as juice bottles or meds;
  • Retrieve cordless phones in case of an emergency.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers website claims that their dogs are trained to recognize both highs and lows; retrieve food, meds and meter; retrieve third party support, and even dial 911 on a special device.

Click here to watch diabetic alert dog videos.


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