I had a blood sugar spike today :(

This morning I had a BG spike and for the life of me, don’t know why.

My morning fasting number was 115.  Why oh why?

I had all my snacks within a few hours of each other, I did not have any simple sugars, and really there was nothing out of ordinary in the past day.  I slept all night like a baby.  Actually went to sleep at around 2 am but I do this all the time.  It’s now 10 am, and my BG number is up.  Why, oh why?

I did have a stressful day a few days ago, on the 27th of May, when my computer was misbehaving and I couldn’t print.  After having spent quite some time on the phone with the Lexmark support who had remotely connected, told me I had a Trojan virus and then tried to redirect me to a shop some good 30 miles away that I politely declined and ended up bringing both of them to a shop a couple miles away; this really WAS a stressful day.  I was all worked up.  Did have a presence of mind to grab a snack every now and then, and to drink all my water.  After all that, a morning fasting number was 102.

My computer is still sitting at the shop.  The little laptop that is my spare tire which is what I’m using right now is moody and needs patience.  It works alright but sometimes doesn’t recognize the hub and doesn’t like my camera although has all the software installed.  It just has its own piece of mind.  Windows 8, you know.

Can’t even take a picture of the meter.  Well, I can take a picture but am unable to download it onto the laptop who doesn’t like the card reader, either.  Grrr

Am not complaining, just saying, I had a day filed with stress but the BG was normal.  Fast forward to today, no stress but am having a spike.  For the life of me, can’t explain that. This just doesn’t make sense.

Will check the postprandial BG later in the day.  I normally don’t do that but now I am curious.

Will probably start posting my monthly numbers and the corresponding graphs on my blog, starting tomorrow.  So much for the rant, and thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to I had a blood sugar spike today :(

  1. Khristine says:

    Awww hope you are feeling better now… My dad has diabetes, guess it runs in the family. I had gestational diabetes 2x. I think I should develop consciousness about this. Thanks for sharing your posts. Certainly will learn from you.

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  2. Tessa says:

    I am still going up and down as I haven’t settled my diet yet. Still eating things I shouldn’t since we aren’t eating at home. And my sleep schedule is off the wall. Hard to regulate anything. Unless it happens every day I wouldn’t get too upset over it. Everyday then something else is wrong.

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