Back in the green again and my monthly BG reading

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I have my computer back and a death sentence on the printer. I’ve had it for too long and the time has come to let go. I’m glad that I trusted my gut feeling and didn’t allow a shop unknown to remotely connect to my computer and remove the virus while charging me $200 in the process. I brought it to a local shop and turned out, there is no virus. The printer had to go. It was Lexmark X2600 series, don’t buy it. Other than the fact this is an older model, it’s unreliable and this is to put it nicely; now will have to dispose of it. The shop charged me $20 cash. Today am buying a new printer, likely HP. Considering the $200 saved, I can now splurge the $50 on a new wireless printer. Yay!

My fasting BG is back in the green. Below is the chart of my May numbers. I was trying to stay as close to the 100 line as I possibly could.

Fasting BG - May 2015

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2 Responses to Back in the green again and my monthly BG reading

  1. javitasarah says:

    Wow! That’s impressive! Your numbers are great 🙂 is that a diabetic computer program/ app or did you create a chart of your own to track your numbers?

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  2. Thanks for the comment. I created the chart on my own using a software. So much for my DIY nature.


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