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I can attest to the most of the above. Particularly wound healing, this can take more than a month.

I had a wound on my foot that didn’t want to heal, of course thanks to diabetes. It’s been there all winter and wasn’t going anywhere; not getting worse either, just being there. Since I had a similar experience years ago even prior to being diagnosed, I knew what to do.

I wrapped it in the Unna Boot, a special dressing that helps in wound healing and is available without a prescription. Didn’t do this in winter as I wouldn’t be able to wear my winter boots, so I waited until the snow was over with. Then I did my wrappings, changed them once every 2 weeks for a few months, and now it’s healed, yay!!

I’m glad I could do this myself without having to see a doctor, make an appointment, pay a copayment and put up with the attitudes.

Unna Boot pic

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Chronic Odyssey

*Warning: Some photos may be difficult for sensitive viewers*

Recently I have been asked exactly how many complications I suffer related to my diabetes. I kind of have to laugh because to me that question might imply that I have some health issues not related to my diabetes. When you are diabetic every health issue you have is related to your diabetes. Even if it isn’t, it is. Somehow diabetes is always to blame.

But I started this post by immediately going off track. Let’s try again.

What complications of diabetes do I have?

First let me let you know that if you are asking this question then I now know you don’t read my blog regularly. I talk about my complications a lot, but I can understand if it’s difficult to keep them straight. So let me straighten them out for you because I’m nice like that. 🙂


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  1. Wounds don’t heal fast for me. The reason I had 4 surgeries for a haital hernia. It never heal completely and I am sure the last one didn’t.

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