Red Kidney Beans and My Diabetes

There is a split opinion about said beans. Some say that beans in general aka legumes contain too much starch that causes the blood sugar numbers to rise. Aetna insurance company is running a Forum on which I was an opposing side, telling everyone that beans are good for you. Of course some disagreed and the others just kept quiet.

So I decided to run a little experiment. Tonight I ate a whole 15oz can of red kidney beans for dinner, the liquid and all. It was good 🙂

2 hours later, my postprandial blood sugar is 98. And the proof is in the pudding, see the pic of my meter.

And btw, WebMD says that postprandial blood sugar 2 hours after meal should be less than 140 for those younger than 50; less than 150 for people in the age between 50 – 60, and less than 160 for those 60 and better which is where I belong.

Joan of Arc Red Kidney BeansMy BG 2hrs after eating a can of red kidney beans June 24 at 1213 hrs

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  1. Beans. chickpeas and lentils are very healthy, healthier than any other food. In the past they were called the meat of the poor who ate them regularly and for that reason they were healthy, while the rich who ate a lot of meat and rich food suffered from many diseases

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