Diabetes Contact Lenses

First off, I will introduce GoogleX that I haven’t heard of until now.  Ditto for the Google own spell check; had to Add to Dictionary lol.  GoogleX is a secret lab located half a mile from Google corporate headquarters, the Googleplex, in Mountain View CA.  It is dedicated to major technological advances.

Aside from making computers wearable and cars driverless, GoogleX also takes a step into making diabetes self-management easier.  It’s now working on the contact lens that can monitor blood sugar levels by testing tears.  The announcement came last Thursday on Google’s blog.

June 30. Diabetes Contact Lenses IMAGE            The GoogleX contact lens uses a tiny glucose sensor and antenna that detect glucose levels in tears and wirelessly transmit to your mobile device.  A small hole in the lens allows the tears to reach the sensor and determine the glucose level.  The readings are taken as often as once per second.

All the components of the device have been specially miniaturized for the task; the chips and the sensor are so small that they look like flakes of glitter; the antenna is thinner than a human hair.

This device can greatly improve the quality of life of those of us who have to monitor their blood sugar throughout the day.  Forget the finger sticks, here comes GoogleX lens.  No more needles!

Not sure that it’ll work for me, as I check my BG once a day, fasting in the morning and it’s no big deal for me.  Actually I was told to check it a couple of times a week, but I do it every day.  I also wonder about the insurance coverage for this innovation.   Still, it sounds intriguing.  The time will tell.

Source: Healthline website

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