The reason I will never buy Reebok CrossFit shoes or drink Coca Cola

Myths about diabetes, especially about type 2 in my humble opinion, are no big news; this has been around for the longest time.  Uneducated people abound, they’re all over the net, screaming about how eating sugar causes diabetes.  Yea what else is new?

However when CrossFit’s CEO Greg Glassman tweeted about it, it became the center of attention.  Not sure that it was the very attention that CrossFit was seeking but it’s in the air nevertheless.

On June 29 CrossFit’s CEO Greg Glassman tweeted about the connection between drinking coca cola and diabetes, sporting the trademarked “open diabetes” words in red next to a bottle of coke.   He apparently tweaked the Coke “Open Happiness” campaign by changing the tagline.  To add insult to injury, his comments next to the image were “make sure you pour some out for your dead homies.”

I don’t want to post an image of this junk.  I take it all of you are pretty much familiar with it already.   This is the most inconsiderate, ignorant post.  How about that CrossFit tweets about athletes who have diabetes?  Billy Jean King is a fine example; she has type 2.  How about when thin people get it and the overweight people don’t? I have blogged about this two months ago.

The CrossFit’s tweet is inconsiderate, misinformative, insulting and uneducated.  Aside from the fact that CrossFit lumped the two types into one, nothing can be further from the truth.  Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes of any type.  It can be a risk factor, however correlation is not causation.  In other words, sugar can be a risk factor but not a direct cause.  In fact, it can be a risk factor for many diseases.  Should we start blaming cancer patients, too?

It’s pretty pathetic when a CEO of the fitness company lacks knowledge of the basic medical facts.  He really needs to go back to school.

Sugar doesn’t kill, but misinformation does.  Some twitters recommend asking Jenny McCarthy how that works.   A bit of history.  Jenny McCarthy’s son was diagnosed with autism that she claimed was caused by vaccination.  She subsequently preached that vaccines cause autism, and that autism is not genetic.  Then later on she flipped 180 degrees and tried to reinvent herself as someone who’s totally pro-science.   I wonder if CrossFit’s CEO will eventually follow her footsteps.  That would be quite something.

Interestingly enough, Coca Cola is being silent on the subject.  Not contesting and obviously not supporting this statement either.  However not doing anything is an equivalent of supporting CrossFit’s state of mind in my book.   I don’t drink Coke except for the diet one, but now in light of the recent events am switching to the other brands.  Why, diet Mountain Dew tastes about the same and becomes my favorite brand from now on.  To heck with CrossFit and Coca Cola.  The competition abounds.


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