Different in a good way – by Ralph Marston

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Different in a good way – by Ralph Marston

Would you like to get a leg up on life? Then be reliable in an unreliable world.

Be truthful in a world in which dishonesty is all too easy and all too common. Be authentic in a world that is weary of people pretending to be something they’re not.

Be persistent and consistent. Be compassionate, friendly, helpful, and full of pleasant surprises.

In situations where tempers are flaring, be patient. Amid the noise and confusion and distractions, stay focused.

Though you may look foolish, you can be optimistic and then act on those optimistic expectations.

Even when it may seem that no one cares, you can be positively purposeful.

Be different in a good way, and the world will take note. Live true to your highest values, and spread richness throughout life.

— by Ralph Marston

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