Okra, a diabetes cure?

Image Credit:  en.wikipedia.org

Image Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Many online sources swear by okra being a magic cure for diabetes. I think they’re talking about type 2. I received a few emails of this nature, and have seen a few articles on Facebook that claim to have found an “easy cure” for diabetes. All you have to do, they say, is soak okra in water overnight and then drink this water in the morning before breakfast. Do this on a daily basis and you’ll see your blood sugar go down which means you’re cured. The healing properties of okra are attributed to it having a low glycemic index. This is quoted as being a natural alternative to the “painful treatments”.

Healthline site has published a few studies of okra having some benefits for those with diabetes. It reportedly reduced blood sugar in laboratory rats. Results showed that okra helped reduce absorption of glucose which in turn reduced blood sugar level. Okra is a rich source of dietary fiber and has been traditionally used to manage diabetes.

However there are some safety concerns. Researchers found that when rats ate okra and took metformin, okra interfered with metformin absorption and almost canceled out its effects. Which means that if you’re on metformin and indulge in okra, you could see your blood sugar levels creeping up instead of going down.


Okra is a good source of soluble fiber, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals but so are some other fruits & non-starchy vegetables. Such as for example, celery.


There are more variables to lowering blood sugar, and that includes lifestyle, diet, exercise. Drinking okra water isn’t included but it wouldn’t hurt.

Furthermore, inasmuch as I would love to get rid of my T2D, it’s not happening. I don’t believe in diabetes cure. If one doesn’t have to take diabetes meds it only means that they’re able to manage their diabetes without them. However they still have diabetes.

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  3. Every day in the media we read of new foods having properties for curing all sorts of diseases. The usual words used for them is “it may” or “it could” be a cure. Nothing definite. I’ve learnt to take all of them with a generous pinch of salt. It’s all marketing or publicity for the author of the article. The last one that I heard that was good for diabetes was coffee but then coffee can have side effects if drunk too much. I think that there is only one good cure for all diseases and that is moderation in all things. It’s also totally inexpensive.

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