Brisk Walks, My Daily Constitutional

Sometimes last week I noticed that my morning fasting BG numbers are out of whack. 115 for no apparent reason. I started practicing avoidance i.e. not checking it at all and hoping it’ll go away somehow. It of course didn’t do any of the sort, and when I checked my postprandial number after breakfast, I was shocked. 169!

I decided to be proactive and started doing brisk walking. Last time I did this outside, it didn’t work. I did walk a bit but then, once my back started killing me, I turned around & went back home, thus efficiently wiping out the entire effort. So I decided to take it inside my apartment, brisk walking back & forth while listening to some YouTube recordings on my laptop. I could manage 10 minutes at a time if my back didn’t bother me. If it did, I would drop in my rocker recliner, take a brief break and then walk the balance of 10 minutes.

After having done my first round of this, I had a snack and then checked my postprandial number. It was 99. Wow! I became motivated to no extent. If all it takes some brisk walks for the mere 10 minutes and my BG goes down rather dramatically, so it be. My next 10 minutes of doing this flied by.

Right now, I am doing my 10 minutes constitutional a few times a day. Am trying to do this before and after each meal that actually works better up until lunch and then something else comes up. Still, at least an hour total of brisk walking each day seems to work.  Doing this barefoot on the carpeted floor is very comfortable.  This morning my fasting BG was 108. Postprandial after lunch 99. Blood pressure 132/77.

My yay moment

My yay moment






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