A Quarter Cup of an Ice Cream

Earlier today I went to do grocery shopping and somehow have ended up in the frozen food isle. There I was looking for a small size ice cream as I eat it only once in a blue moon, a quarter cup of at once.

Quarter CupDo you know how big a quarter cup of an ice cream is? Ohhhh

Anyway, I thought I’d buy a small size as it would last close to forever in my freezer. And the longer it lasts, its age shows and you can tell by tasting it. With that in mind, I wanted to buy a brand name ice cream as store made one is even worse after sitting in the freezer for the longest time.

To my disappointment, I’ve found out that the smaller sizes are priced even            Edys and Haagen-Dazs                 higher than the larger ones. I came across the little bitty Haagen-Dazs cartons, 3             for $10 or $3.33 apiece. While a 48-oz of Edy’s was $2.99.


I have ended up with Edy’s although was unable to locate a coffee / espresso flavor. Had to settle for a drumsticks flavor.

Edys 1 400 x 500

It tasted like heaven.

After about an hour and a half later I checked my postprandial blood sugar, 126. Wow, this isn’t bad. Up to 140 is normal for the postprandial BG.



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