Want to lose weight? Take neurontin

Just kidding. I can’t really recommend this drug although it did what it was supposed to do as its primary function. It has made my diabetic neuropathy go away for the time being; not sure if forever which remains to be seen. But as a package deal so to speak, it came with the side effects, mostly GI that rendered me unable to eat or drink anything for fear I wouldn’t be able to keep it down. As a result, my diabetic food intake schedule was pretty much messed up. I usually have snacks every a couple hours or so, but had to put this on hold. I couldn’t even have water and was concerned about getting dehydrated but it didn’t happen.

Image Credit - cvs.com

Image Credit – cvs.com

I also had a headache and felt extremely tired, exhausted with a very little exertion if any. Had to lie down and take long breaks which didn’t really help.

Even now, in the second day, I still feel slightly lightheaded. However the exhaustion is gone.

I have lost a few pounds that is a good thing. 150 lbs on my bathroom scale as of this morning.

Have reported all this to FDA.

Boy, am I happy that I’m single. Had I still been married to my now ex, we would’ve had divorced all over again. Good thing it took place back in the 1990’s.  Which is a proof that everything happens for a purpose and something good comes out of it, sooner or later.


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