Baby, it’s cold outside… and inside, too

It’s Sunday morning in November.  A chilly morning at that; this was my first thought upon waking up.   I walked over to the thermostat; turn it all you might, to no avail.  Grrrr

My rent is quite reasonable, including heat & electricity.  This however comes with the price.  The heat is on whenever the management sees fit, and it’s hard for the younger people to understand what slightly older folks go through once the fall kicks in.  I have numbness in my feet due to a diabetic neuropathy and they have become extremely sensitive to cold.  Try explaining this to the Rental Office and good luck with it.

As luck would have it, all this goes on during the weekend and is not an emergency so I have no choice but to put up with it.   It’s November and the temperature is in the 40’s.  Isn’t that cold enough?  Someone at the management side is playing counting beans, that’s what I’m thinking.

I tried setting the stove on high which worked briefly but then the fire alarm kicked in.  I swatted it with the kitchen towel that efficiently shut it up.  It however is hanging up kinda flimsy, looks like one nail did the trick and that’s all.  I almost knocked it off its perch while shutting up; it would be fun explaining to the maintenance how it accidentally fell down.  Oh joy.

All right, so heating with the electric stove didn’t work, what’s next?  A hot shower I guess.  This did work briefly, so I am going to continue this route.  A nice hot shower with great high pressure water is about the only good thing of living here.

I went on the website of Millennia Management and tried to send them a message.    The results were about as good as turning the ancient thermostat; an error message.   Then I sent them a plain email asking to have the heat turned on.  I don’t hold out much of a hope though.

Then I went online and googled.  There are no reviews for this place anywhere.  Someone has to be the first and it will be me.   I was able to post a negative review on Yelp; however exactly the same was rejected by   For godsakes, I am describing a first-hand experience; you hear it from the horse’s mouth, I am not making this up, feel free to come over here and see for yourself.   Oh well.

I will have to find some ways out of this place.  And this is to put it nicely.  Hope I am not here for life.

My fasting blood sugar this morning was 106.

Stay warm, everyone.

UPDATE:  Being assertive helps, and my place is once again nice & warm.  For the time being, anyway.  🙂

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  2. leggypeggy says:

    Hang in there. Squeaky wheels do get attention.

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  3. natuurfreak says:

    Very interesting..Good you replay to the corporation.Wish you all the best

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