Diabetes Misconceptions by Huffington Post

Another day I was browsing and came across this article published on the Huffington Post website, further called HP for short. It was written by a New York podiatrist and adds to the misconceptions that abound already. I guess when you are a large website with a big name, you can say whatever you please and it’s taken for granted.

This piece of work describes DPN that stands for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.  This is a nerve damage as a result of elevated BG.  I am not saying ‘high’ as this is very subjective.  ‘High’ in my understanding is around 400 or 600 that is not common for the type 2.  My BG has never been this high.  There is more than one type of a neuropathy, and DPN is just one of them.  I personally have neuropathy in my feet and in my lower back.  Both are a result of being diagnosed late and not due to a poor diabetes management.  I have posted about it back in March.

HP draws a grim picture while proceeding to blame the victims. Yeah what else is new. This article needs translation in some places, obviously. It states that being a diabetic, one day you’ll lose your ‘unsalvageable limbs’. TRANSLATION: limbs mean legs in this context, and diabetes means type 2. When reading this, I imagined a pile of ‘unsalvageable limbs’ driven onto the landfill. Hope I won’t have nightmares over this.

HP podiatrist further states that most people believe they can take diabetes medication while eating what they want, thus controlling diabetes with medication alone. I don’t know where he got that from. I personally count my carbs and am staying away from the simple sugars, while not on any diabetes medication. Most people with diabetes that I know basically do the same. It might be different in NY where this podiatrist is practicing, hmmm… denied for lack of knowledge, have never lived in NY. Makes me wonder if he is an old school doc. Please note, he doesn’t say a word about exercise.

HP podiatrist goes on by claiming that his diabetic patients keep a food journal that reflects eating refined carbs.   It appears that all of his D-patients eat refined carbs, then happily state this fact in their journals that they bring along for their doctor to read. I can’t even fathom doing this on a daily basis as it’s very time consuming and makes no sense IMO. None of my doctors required this to date. I can’t imagine bringing this to a doctors visit. And the doctors have all the time in the world reading all this? Ahh please.

Of course, the HP podiatrist is an exemption. He undoubtedly spends close to half an hour with each diabetic patient, reading their journals and telling them incessantly they’re doing it all wrong. Not sure if his patients do it right afterwards, as the HP podiatrist is silent about this part. Yea right. You do this in NY, I guess.

What makes him think that fasting BG is always in the normal range?? Like I said, he appears to be just an old school podiatrist. People with diabetes can easily have high fasting BG that by the way depends on a variety of factors, some of which are not getting enough sleep at night or being in pain. His theory is that checking fasting BG and even doing A1C once in 3 months is not enough. Both being in the normal range don’t mean that the diabetes is ‘controlled’ whatever that means in podiatry.

HP podiatrist further claims that the high glycemic foods are the reason that his patients are diabetic in the first place.  Later on he once again reiterates that the wrong food eaten is, I quote, the driving factor that causes diabetes.   Apparently the good old HP podiatrist has very little knowledge of endocrinology, most of it likely derives from the wrong sources online.  Such as Reebok CrossFit CEO tweet.

For the duration of the article, the HP podiatrist doesn’t utter a single word about type 2 diabetes (but undoubtedly implies) or the importance of an exercise.  None of some compassion or understanding either.  Although if he decides to state that type 1 is caused by the high glycemic foods, why, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I am glad that he is not my podiatrist.  Not like I will ever see one. Like I said in my other post, I don’t want to see any specialists at all, except for an eye doctor once a year.   Everything else is taken care of by my PCP or myself, and I am just fine with it.  Am still doing my brisk walks on a daily basis.

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