Moving and Diabetes

To say that moving is stressful is an understatement of the year. However, downsizing is even more stressful. Moving into a studio efficiently combines both. And oh, the timelines!

I am left with a couple of weeks to move the remaining belongings from point A to point B or to somewhere else. Point A is my old one-bedroom apartment that I’m happy to part with. Point B is my lovely studio, all of a little over 300 square feet. The storage closet downstairs makes the transition easier.

I had movers take most of the large pieces except for the one that I wanted to do myself on a spur of the moment. It was a solid-wood drop leaf table that I disassembled (unscrewed the legs) and managed to drag all the way to my car and then with a few prayers push into the back seat. Had to get some help with it at the point B. I had purchased this very table about ten years ago and back then had no problem with both delivery and assembly. It was a bit more challenging to do this now. It’s amazing what ten years can do to you. Hmmm.

The chairs came next, both fit nicely in the back seat, and I really enjoyed seating on them afterwards. Prior to that, all I could sit on was a twin mattress on the floor or the floor itself. Never before in my whole life was I enjoying seating on a chair. This of course became old rather quick.

The best part is, I have managed to reluctantly let go of my good old tube TV that was still going strong and refused to die.

Kick tube TV

My old bed is gone, too, and a new daybed is coming soon. Hope to be able to assemble it. I do have a limited bed assembly experience, have put together a wooden bunk bed on my own. Here’s to my next project. Working with a ratcheting hex key is a part of this project.

I have a narrow time frame to think what comes and what goes… at times it feels overwhelming and I start wondering what possessed me to get into this. It feels like it’s too much and I can’t handle it. This usually happens at the end of a long day.

The best way to deal with this is to drop everything. Sit down, relax, forget about it all. Take a hot shower, this usually clears up my mind. Forget about everything moving-related until the next day. I tell myself, I am not moving tonight, nothing happens as of yet, and of course my procrastinating nature kicks right in.

This works. I have managed to place all my diabetes supplies into a canvas container that is easy to spot. My fasting BG is good, and I have even lost a few pounds, thanks for carrying boxes and such from point A into my car and then into the point B. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped on my bathroom scale. 146 versus over 150 in a few weeks time. I’m getting there. Yay!!

Happy Dance BANANA

Off the topic, I used to be able to wrap the text around an image fairly good.  Somehow can’t do this anymore, try all I might.  Would love to wrap some text around the dancing banana but no such luck.  Oh well.



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    Just did it too. Totally agree. Who are those mad folk who enjoy it????

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