My Bad Luck Day

Where do I begin? First off, I wanted to hang a picture on the wall. I’ve done this before, years ago but now am attempting to do this in my new studio. I don’t know what these walls are made of, but each time I try to drill a hole, it feels like I’m hitting a stud. This I can understand if it happens at one spot, but not all over the place! So I managed to drill two small pilot holes just as far as it went in, and then finished with the nails. Looks like it’s hanging just fine and so far haven’t gone tumbling down like a proverbial Humpty Dumpty.

This thing is hanging over the space currently occupied by a mattress which is where my future daybed will go but for right now it’s sitting in the box by the window.  Due to its location, I had to move most everything out of place and in the meantime maneuver walking around everything. This is when it happened.

I bumped my pinkie toe and now it feels like it’s broken. It’s slightly out of shape, slightly red, slightly swollen and tender to touch. It hurts moderately when I’m wearing shoes but when I’m not, it feels just fine.

I of course went on googling this issue, have ended up with some ice applications to reduce pain & swelling, but since I don’t really have much of either one if not wearing shoes, I am skipping this part.

Actually, eHow website says that it will heal happily on its own that is good news. This site also recommends to buddy tape it that didn’t appeal to me at all; but the good news is, it’s contraindicated with diabetes so I am all good for now.

I figured that a surgical post op shoe is in order. Some folks order it from Walgreens, then sit tight for a week or two and wait for its arrival. I decided to do a shortcut and ordered one from eBay; it should be here this coming Tuesday.

Now my next project, the daybed assembly, is on hold.   So much for my bad luck.

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  1. chattykerry says:

    Poor little toe! I bet that’s sore.


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