A New Diabetic Meter

FreeStyle Precision Neo METER and STRIPS

There’s a new diabetic meter, FreeStyle Precision Neo. It costs $18 at Walmart and you can buy 50 test strips for $20. It requires no coding and is available without a prescription. The company actually claims that due to the cost, both the meter and the strips were designed for those without health insurance plan. The meter btw is available on the FreeStyle website for free which likely requires a prescription.

The reviews are mixed. Some folks complain of the inaccurate results in comparison to their old meters, the strips although individually foil wrapped, are hard to store and difficult to use. A video is available on YouTube with the instructions on how to open the strips pack. It would be much easier to put the strips into a plastic container like most other companies do.

Some complain of almost having their finger taken off while testing, and that it requires much larger blood sample and even profuse bleeding, whatever that means. I find this hard to believe.

In the past, I’ve tried a freehand lancet only once. It cost much less than the others but the trade-off is that it hurt and produced a larger stick. However it didn’t take my finger off, not even close. And I’ve never had a ‘profuse bleeding’ even while being on aspirin. I wouldn’t worry about a larger blood sample anyway; contrary to the popular belief, this wouldn’t hurt.

On this meter, ketone testing as well as alternate-site testing are not enabled. Despite having a micro USB port, data transfer is not available directly on Windows; don’t know about Mac. It is only compatible with LibreView which in turn is compatible with Windows. What a hassle.  I can just write my test results on Microsoft Excel or Word, or even WordPad.

I think I’ll pass on this one.


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