Social Security is NOT a Welfare

Social Security was signed into law in 1936 by Franklin D. Roosevelt; the first payments went out five years later and have continued ever since. However Social Security is an entitlement and NOT a welfare. It is earned through years of working and paying taxes into the system. For those born after 1928, you’ll have to accumulate at least 40 quarters of work to be eligible. You start receiving Social Security benefits when you reach a full retirement age. Anyone, regardless of income level, is entitled to receive their EARNED benefits. Back in 1936, when Social Security was first being introduced, a pamphlet was circulated with this quote: “The checks will come to you as a right.” Social Security is an entitlement.

Welfare, on the other hand, is a financial support given to those in need. There are certain requirements to qualify but it has nothing to do with paying Social Security taxes, and there is no work history required to qualify. Therefore, Social Security is NOT a welfare.

Clear as mud?

It is not so to a certain columnist of Washington Post.   Back in 2011, he has posted a piece of work on the WP website. In it, he repeatedly stated that Social Security is welfare, and was doing this despite angry posters who were offended.  However, according to OP, we are not officially calling Social Security welfare because doing so would be politically incorrect.  Furthermore, he states that Social Security taxes one group against the other which in his definition makes it a welfare.

When OP states that Social Security taxes one group against the other, he is partially correct. This however doesn’t give him the right to label Social Security a welfare. Not that he cares.

Social Security is and always been, an intergenerational transfer of wealth.

The fact according to Pewresearch website, is that the benefits received by today’s retirees are funded by the taxes paid by today’s workers. However when today’s workers retire, their benefits will be paid for by the next generation, and so on and so forth. Your Social Security benefit amount is based on your earnings history and age at retirement, and not by need like welfare.

Still, Social Security is NOT a welfare. And OP interpretation doesn’t change the facts. He however continues standing his ground despite protests of the folks posting on his column. He goes by the principle, “because I said so, that’s why.” No doubt this principle was planted into him since childhood.

Apparently, Washington Post agrees with his point of view or else they wouldn’t allow him to write this carp or they would remove said posts.  I am offended by his piece of work. And the Washington Post has lost its credibility in my eyes. Not that they care.

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  1. Thanks calmkate.

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  2. calmkate says:

    Hi Anna,
    We have just had an Australian journo post a false racist rape claim on the front page. His paper has taken weeks to sack him and finally pull the post down – it was completely inflammatory and had no basis of truth what so ever. Journo never checked his facts and as he had written 30 previous articles with racist overtones he has taken the bullet for the public outcry over this one! Editor and paper posted their public apology in small print and it got lost on their second page … so I can only encourage you to take it as far as you can. Once other Journo’s started publishing condemnations they had to act. So getting other Journo’s on side to correct his facts might have more sting? Good luck with it.

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