Soup, anyone? Vegetable Barley Soup

Earlier tonight I was in a cooking mood. This doesn’t happen very often as I don’t like cooking. But since it wouldn’t cook on its own, like a smart soup of sorts, I had to do what I had to do.

I used my trusty 4-qt Crock Pot and added the following to it:

  • celery
    cooking onions
    sweet green pepper
    red potato
    baby carrots cut in half lengthwise
    some rolled oats for the texture
    barley cereal

Not exactly in this sequence.

First off, I’ve set up the baby carrots to simmer as the last time they weren’t quite ready even after a few hours cooking on high. In the meantime, I chopped up all the veggies, measured about 3/4 cup of each and off to the Crock Pot they went. By the time I was done with the chopping part, the baby carrots were ready to be added to the rest of the veggies. I topped all that with about 5 cups of water, turned the knob on high and let it go for 2 hours.

2 hours came and went, at which point I added about half a cup of barley cereal and let it cook for another half an hour. The soup turned out not bad, even with no salt added. I think it has a fair amount of fiber in it. It’s good for freezing, too; a good half of it went off to the freezer so for a while I don’t have to cook 😉

Per chance I get sick & tired of eating the same soup all week, I can either whip up another soup and freeze it, too, or I can add things like diced tomatoes to this one.

Here goes:




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