Tootsie Roll celebration

About a week ago I went on my biannual constitutional to see my PCP, mostly for the medication refills. He of course ordered a blood work that produced A1C of 6.2 meaning that my T2D is under control according to him, and my fasting number was 103, overall not bad.

I was all up for a celebration and had a Tootsie Roll on this occasion

A lone tootsie roll

Did you know? Tootsie Roll candy was invented back in 1896, by Leo Hirschfield, an Austrian immigrant. His idea was to make a candy that tasted like chocolate yet didn’t melt like one. He individually handwrapped each one in his Brooklyn shop, and named them after his then 5-yr old daughter Clara whose nickname was Tootsie.

During WWll, the Tootsie Roll candy was added to every soldier’s field rations, because it could hold up in a variety of weather conditions. It was also the first one cent candy, very popular during Depression.

Tootsie pops were invented later on.

This is to make a long story short. There are longer stories about Tootsie Rolls on the net, but I am not in the mood for a long one right now..

Don’t try this at home.

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