Aetna isn’t coming to my home

About a week ago, I have received a letter and a subsequent voicemail from Aetna, my health insurance company.  I am notified about being “invited” to participate in their new “in-Home Health Evaluation Program.” The good part is, this is available at no extra cost to me.  The bad part is, I see it as an invasion of privacy.  I mean, Aetna isn’t inquiring whether or not I am willing to participate; on the contrary, I am being notified about it, with no way to opt out.

I don’t need any help to stay healthy, nor do I need Aetna in my home.  They can do a questions and answers session by email or by phone, as far as I am concerned.  I am even open to an instant chat but no more than that.

As per Aetna letter, it will be done “in the comfort of your home, and without the typical rush of the doctor’s office.”  What are they talking about?  I’ve already seen my doc, haven’t noticed any rush, and I am quite comfortable here without any unwelcome visitors like Aetna.  The letter further states that during the visit, I can discuss my “unique needs” by talking to a “trained healthcare professional”; wonder who that is.  Likely some nurse, since sending a doctor over would have been cost-prohibitive.  Of course, this “doesn’t take the place of regular doctor visits”, so what in the world do I need this for?  Of course, Aetna isn’t asking but is merely notifying me.

The letter states that this way, I’ll get to ask questions & get answers that I “may not get the chance or remember to ask” at the doctor’s office.  Excuse me?  Now they are questioning my memory, and this is only the beginning.  I wonder if per chance this has to do with my age.  Hmmm.  FYI, I can ask my doctor all the questions I want, and the balance I get from my blog when researching for a particular topic, thanks to the WordPress.

Bottom line, my home is my fortress and consequently, Aetna isn’t coming here.  Only with a court order or over my dead body.  By law, I have a right to refuse treatment, and I believe, ditto for the Aetna visit.

This post represents my humble opinion about the subject.  I recommend not trying this at home.

Aetna isn't coming here PIC

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4 Responses to Aetna isn’t coming to my home

  1. We don’t have anything in the UK like this (yet).

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  2. gloverdeb says:

    I have not had any of these experiences with insurance, why? I feel they are there to keep zapping my money. What if I never have a critical medical condition? They keep zapping.

    Lovely post!

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  4. I enjoyed your closing words and recommendation. Yes you are free to say no. It’s your right.

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