Today’s prompt – Understanding My Diabetes

I think that continuing to understand my diabetes plays right into this Daily Prompt. I will be writing about my morning fasting BG numbers.

Lately they were not bad. Steadily around 102, and even once 99 that is super normal for me. So I decided to skip doing this every day and switched to a once-weekly routine. It was fine for a while, but yesterday morning it was a whopping 114.

I was like, whaaat? The day before I had just a little bit of an ice cream, a mini bagel and a mini chocolate tootsie pop. All my carbs were in mini sizes, yet my morning fasting BG was up. A price to pay for having fun. Yes, what else is new.

I had already visualized my doctor who I’m going to see in a couple of months, putting me on Metformin while preaching that it’s good for me. I hated the thought of this and decided to change my ways.

All day yesterday I didn’t eat a bit of a carb, was mostly drinking water and hoping for the better. Then I checked my night time BG that I normally don’t do. Surprise, surprise! It was 107.

And this morning, my fasting number was 105. Yay!!

6. June 12. Prompt UNDERSTANDING 1

This supports my theory that diabetes can’t be cured. If I stick to the extremely low-carb diet, my BG is normal. If however, I as much as indulge in a few mini-sized simple carbs, it goes up. Had I miraculously snapped out of diabetes for good aka cured, then I should be able to eat any food and my BG levels would still be normal.



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3 Responses to Today’s prompt – Understanding My Diabetes

  1. Diana says:

    Interesting. Easily understood the way you explained it.
    I am a natural health/alternative/holistic educator for pets (and their people). Driven by pure passion, I emerse myself in blogs about natural health as a past time….and animals.

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  2. I have that same meter with a purple skin!

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    • All right! I like it with a skin, was considering a purple one but settled on this one. Without the skin, it doesn’t look much like anything.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! 🙂

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