The Daily Post prompt: Careless. Discovering Siamese Twins in my life.

I have been discovering Siamese Twins around me lately. Starting with my studio… The adjacent unit is physically joined with mine by the means of a wall. Said wall is solid and there’s no access from one unit to another through it. However, there are some elements common for both.

The day I found out about this phenomenon was when a power in the conjoined wall went out. With my luck, this is where my laptop was plugged in, so I used an extension cord to plug it into another wall. Then I called the maintenance and inquired.

Here’s the story. The unit next door is actually a Guest Suite. I’ve never been there but was told that it doesn’t have a kitchen. I would assume that it has a bathroom and an all-purpose room. In other words, pretty much like my studio minus the kitchen. Turned out that someone actually stayed in that Suite for a few days and plugged something powerful into the offending wall. This had produced a blown fuse but the fuse box is only on my studio side. See how this fits into my Siamese Twins theory? We’re conjoined at the spine aka the dividing wall. The units are completely separate otherwise.

The fuse is replaced, everything works like a clockwork and here I am sitting and thinking, where else can I discover Siamese Twins? And then it dawned on me. Of course, it’s my T2D.

This one too, fits like a glove. Diabetes is my Siamese Twin and is demanding at that. It’s patronizing and doesn’t take no for an answer. It tells me things like, take it easy on the ice cream! Count your carbs, or else you’re in trouble. Don’t even think about mashed potatoes… I miss this one, grrr. (not in this sequence lol). Get off your butt and do some brisk walking. Stay physically active, you! Don’t forget to drink your water. And so on and so forth, day after day. My Twin just won’t leave me alone. Very annoying.

7. July 21. Prompt - Careless. Mashed potatoesCan’t have this… but miss dearly.

I think that I would be so much better off had I gotten rid of the Twin somehow. My whole life then would be carefree and easy.

At times I feel so tempted to just slap the heck out of my Twin… the problem is, this thing is intangible.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hear voices. Oh no.  It’s just my imagination at work but it definitely has to do with my Diabetes. I have to stick to the carbs counting and staying physically active, or else.  My fasting numbers are not bad, generally in the low 100’s and sometimes even in the low to mid-90’s. My only prescription pill is Gaba for the neuropathy and an ointment for the psoriasis, other than that I don’t take any meds, and don’t like them collectively but this is another story.  Here’s to hoping this will last forever.

This is my great low-90’s fasting number from a couple of weeks ago:

7. July 21. My meter on July 3

This post was written in response to The Daily Post prompt: Carefree.




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  1. Berni says:

    I’ve been struggling with weird fungal infections that cause me itching from head to legs.

    Recently, I tried drinking 10 glasses of water per day and strangely, my infections disappear as long as I’m consuming large quantities of water.

    Even my anxiety has reduced a little.

    Why not try increasing your water intake as much as possible and see if it has any positive effect on your BG levels? Just an idea.

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