Today’s Prompt: CRAVING. Craving and Diabetes

When thinking about how to manage Type 2 Diabetes, diet is the first thing that comes to mind. I heard a lot of good things about a vegetarian diet, and actually have friends who swear by it. So I decided to do some research to learn more about it.

There are pros and cons. The pros are that the vegan diet has a higher content of fiber, unsaturated fat and a plethora of vitamins & minerals. This results in a lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and reduced risk of chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, to name a few. It is also said to improve symptoms of psoriasis that I’m sure I can challenge as I’ve tried vegetarian diet in the past, and my psoriasis wasn’t going anywhere.

The cons are having to give up eating meat or fish. There are actually a few different kinds of a vegetarian diet; all exclude meat but some include dairy, eggs or fish.

Each time I try, I end up with craving meat or fish, and then I’m done with the vegan diet. My BMI (body mass index) is normal which means that I am not overweight, and my cholesterol levels are normal as well. There is no way I can live without meat for any decent length of time, so I guess I am not doing it after all.

And the good news is that a vegetarian diet doesn’t guarantee good health for anyone, including those of us with diabetes. So I am back to my usual diet and am feeling just fine. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal, and I don’t see a reason to fix something that isn’t broken. It seems too much of a hassle to give up on meat and fish when I fail to see any immediate benefits. I am not going to succumb to a constant craving for a pork chop or an ocean perch, or cereal with milk for breakfast when I don’t feel like cooking, or an occasional omelet. No way.

I am back to my old ways of pork chops and chicken with an occasional fish and am feeling fine.  I think that vegetarian diet just isn’t for everyone.

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8 Responses to Today’s Prompt: CRAVING. Craving and Diabetes

  1. Have you considered vitamin D3 supplements for your psoriasis?

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  2. Kewrites says:

    I admire vegetarians, but can’t give up meat and fish;-)

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  3. First l have to thank you for your kindness and visits to my site and all the likes .. My background is varied both in terms of looking after people I care homes with diabetes and also in the community with my mother who died sadly after 7 years of my care .. Also my partner is a chef in a care home and looks after diets for people after thirty years of working in the industry she now teaches and trains chefs .. So reading your posts are really interesting as my research into diet as a non meat eater had helped my health too the extent l never suffer any illnesses or medical problems .. I eat fish and cook a diet in olive, groundnut and corn oil and only use sea salt, cracked black pepper and brown bread just simple food any thanks and great post will add it too my site on health later if that’s ok with all attributions .. Regards Ian 😀

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  4. Rick Phillips says:

    I have never been able to give meat up entirely, but I have cut way back. I can honestly say I do enjoy vegetables a great deal.

    I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of August 1, 2016.

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  5. AprilEsutton says:

    I have just tried to increase my vegetables, but I don’t want to give up meat.I lasted about 2 weeks

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  6. The best diet is vegan with blue fish, though also free range eggs can be included. It’s the way that I eat nowadays and nobody is as healthy as me. This said Hippocrates’ saying of over 3000 years ago that: “A little food that is not considered healthy but pleasant is better than food that is undoubtedly healthy but unpleasant” which means a little indulgence of what one likes is good for one’s health while excessive rigidity in eating is bad.

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  7. chattykerry says:

    I mostly eat a vegetarian diet – flexitarian is a better description. I cannot tolerate too much meat at one sitting but occasionally crave some steak. Everything in moderation sounds just fine to me!

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