Slow eating and diabetes

I was wondering about this for the longest time. My rationale was that if you eat slower, the carbs get into your bloodstream at a slower rate which should contribute to the lower blood sugar numbers overall.

Diabetes Self-Management site reports the findings of a study on eating slow. It states that eating faster increases chances of developing diabetes about twofold. Actually, two and a half times. The speed of eating is linked more strongly with diabetes than the content of meals alone. Eating fast can increase postprandial blood sugar level and all the consequences of that.

The site goes on further stating that blood sugar level after eating generally goes up in everybody, but it’s crucial in PWD (people with diabetes). It can go up faster if you have diabetes because of your body compromised ability to deal with increased blood sugar levels due to insulin resistance or not producing enough of insulin.

The site continues, the faster you eat, the faster sugars get into your bloodstream, and vice versa. My thoughts exactly.

In view of this, I have developed a technique for eating slower while feeling full at the same time. This includes 3 steps: eat – drink water – repeat. Using this technique, you can manage to eat very slowly providing of course, that you have some time to spare. This works for me as I am motivated to no extent.
Bottle H2O Here now, my daily constitutional bottle with water.

This of course works best when eating at home, because what goes in, should come out and come out it does after drinking all that water. This can become slightly inconvenient when eating out.  Imagine that.

Doing this will lift your moods too, because you know that you’re doing something right, therefore going in the right direction. Anticipating results of your hard work does wonders to your spirits. Your blue feelings go right out the window.

Today my morning fasting number was 106.

Meter on Aug 20

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15 Responses to Slow eating and diabetes

  1. Berni says:

    My brother, Hamid, taught me speed eating. I’m always the first to finish. And he’s still faster than me and can gulp down hotter tea than me. I wish I followed my sisters, instead.

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  2. Berni says:

    Is frequent urination a problem with only PWDs or all those who drink lots of water? Thanks.

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  3. Kewrites says:

    I am a fan of eating slowly, I tend to savour the food more with that technique. Sometimes I inter space my eating with a warm cup of water.

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  4. Rick Phillips says:

    That is a great opening blood sugar for the day. Water is a person’s best friend.

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  5. One should eat in the most relaxed way slowly and chewing well every bite. This is the most fundamental rule of eating in order to stay healthy. Eating in a rush or fast gives rise to a great number of diseases, increases the general stress level and takes away the joy of eating. Besides promoting nutrition chewing well also increases the level of feel well hormones and makes food more pleasant while eliminating false hunger.

    As for decreasing the blood sugar I think that including in one’s foods some bitter foods such as non sugared tea, coffee, herbal teas as well as including in one’s recipes bitter herbs such as rosemary or sage can help.

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