The Daily Prompt: LEARNING. Partying with diabetes

Aug 23. TDP Prompt - Learning. Food Served

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My friends are hosting a cookout and I am invited. I however have some reservations. Now don’t get me wrong, I love cookouts and socializing, it’s just that now I have diabetes which makes everything slightly complicated. It was so much easier back in the day, in my before-diabetes days.

I love wine coolers but alas, can’t have them because of the carbs. Am trying in vain to avoid eating hot dog buns. I can’t eat anything sweet as these things are usually loaded with simple carbs.  Going easy on virtually everything with high fat and no doubt high sugar content in that yummy homemade BBQ sauce becomes a project.

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I’m catching a few of those looks. Suddenly everyone wants to know if I’m okay. In an instant everybody becomes an expert in diabetes and throws a bunch of advices.  It is assumed that I am a Type 2 by default but only because no one’s aware of the other type.  I take it the things could be much worse had I been a Type 1.

Partying with diabetes definitely takes some learning curve. I’m getting there.

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12 Responses to The Daily Prompt: LEARNING. Partying with diabetes

  1. chattykerry says:

    I have a restricted diet, too, Anna, and social gatherings can be difficult. If I know them well, I just bring my food and drink.

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  2. Berni says:

    What will happen if you be careless? Just want to know.

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    • If I eat more carbs than I should, my BG level will go up and my neuropathy will start just about killing me, and more to come. Generally it’s not a good idea when having diabetes. Thanks for stopping by, Berni!

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      • Berni says:

        Thanks. My mother was diagnosed with diabetes but I never knew why she cared as she never seemed to suffer any bad effects. She used to confuse me and intrigue me.


  3. Excellent information for me. Thank you very much. I work as a physical therapist and have a lot of patients with Diabetes.

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  4. Rick Phillips says:

    The thing I like to do at gatherings is declare I have already used okra water with a lime rind chaser to cure my diabetes and it failed. I have silenced more than one over anxious advice giver.

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  5. Mneme9 says:

    Just choose the simplest foods in the cookout. This is my strategy always. As for wine you can mix it with water. It’s delicious, refreshing, has less calories and in fact that was they way people used to drink it in ancient times. In Italy little children are sometimes given wine mixed with water during meals and because of it Italy has never had problems with alcoholism.

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