Today’s Prompt: VICE. Say cheese

Blessed are those that can smile at the camera. I admire them mainly for the reason that I can’t do that. I look at the camera, think cheese if no one’s saying it, and this is where I stop.

Fast forward to today when I finally put my act together and went to get my new license. Actually the license was fine but my vice was that I have moved about half a year ago and took my time until now to get a new one.

Off to a local BMV I go, pull out a ticket with a number on it and am ready to wait. The numbers are called, the current one lights up on the wall but nowhere close to mine. I am hoping that a glitch happens and the by a sheer luck the next number announced will be 192 – my lucky one. Right. A fat chance.

The air conditioning is going on which is a good thing as we’re having nearly 85 degrees outside. The only piece of entertainment is a 50-inch or so flat panel on the wall across that runs a variation of a billboard.

Finally my number is called and from that moment on everything goes like a piece of cake. I am asked a few questions, one of them is whether I have any traffic violations. No kidding! I thought that THIS PLACE should know the answers without asking. And the best part is, I am not even asked why it took me to wait about six months to get a new license. I have prepared a bunch of identifications but a lone credit card bill is more than enough. Along with my old DL of course. And no questions about the emissions test that I passed with the flying colors.

Next step is the camera and again I can’t smile and of course, there’s no one to say cheese. Anyway, I think that the importance of a picture on the license is highly overrated. It will be barely looked at if any at all. Actually I will be more than happy if no one looks at it ever.

I sit in front of the camera and just want this event to be over with.

All said and done and bingo, I have a new license, new plates and the stickers. My hair on it looks a shade of blonde instead of gray, fine. The entire event took about an hour or so. I am all done for the next 4 years with the DL, and can renew the plate stickers online.


Inspired by The Daily Prompt: Vice and coincidentally by my visit to the BMV.

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