Today’s Prompt: SLOG. How to cope with anxiety when having a car trouble

I was thrown into the anxiety-bordering-with-panic mode today, when my beloved Beetle won’t start. Turn the key all I might, all to no avail. I was promptly in denial, then in disbelief, and then I was bargaining and more…  went through all the stages of dying yet to no avail.  I tried in vain to slog my way through this. But it just won’t start and if this wasn’t enough already, a few lights popped up on the dash.


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I was like, OMG so I am not going anywhere after all. Have sold a vintage plate on eBay but am unable to bring it to the PO;  will have to arrange have it picked up. Hopefully will be able to up and go tomorrow; yeah right, wishful thinking. So much for the grocery shopping at least for tonight.

I think the way my body reacted is perfectly normal. My car is out of business for no apparent reason and I am totally helpless. That nagging feeling of being helpless in any stressful situation is what’s eating up at you.

The lights weren’t on but then they shouldn’t be on. One of the great features of this car is that if I leave the lights on while opening the door, the beeping sound will come on and then I’ll know. But the lights weren’t on and the switch was in the off position. So I didn’t cause the untimely demise of whatever died inside my Bug. A small consolation.

The best way to deal with anxiety and panic is to distract yourself from what’s going on and start doing something in the proactive direction. Blog about it or call AAA Club, or both, which is exactly what I did. And it even worked. Now I am pretty sure that’s what AAA Club was founded upon to begin with, to alleviate panic attacks of the unfortunate car owners whose cars just won’t start.

I have chosen to go through the AAA website instead of calling. This worked, and a truck arrived. The man popped up my hood, attached some device to the battery, after which he started it without a problem. He however advised to take the car to a shop tomorrow.

And I thought they’d replace the darn battery? Nope. Chances are, the problem lies in more than just a battery. I was offered a tow that I declined as with my luck, all the shops are closed already. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. The nearest shop is about a mile away, accessible by the rapid transit that I haven’t taken in the longest time.

I’m still working on the types of anxiety post, it’s just that this problem has gotten in the way. This is just a temporary setback.

This post was written to offer a way to cope with anxiety when having a car trouble, and it just so happened that the Daily Prompt – SLOG was right on.

P.S.  The AAA link is not affiliate.  AAA Club has no idea that my blog exists;  I have linked to them out of gratitude.

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5 Responses to Today’s Prompt: SLOG. How to cope with anxiety when having a car trouble

  1. I know exactly what you’re saying. Even though I thought that I was able to distract myself by doing the right thing, the anxiety is still here, still lingers.

    Thanks for reading my post, Susie!

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  2. I have had anxiety and panic disorder all my life, and even after 60+ years, I am still recovering.

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  3. Sheryl says:

    Anxiety is no joke and everyone reacts differently. Glad you managed to distract and stay calm.

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