Today’s Prompt: FRAGILE. Fear of heights, tow trucks, and stigma


Fear of heights or acrophobia has been with me for as long as I can remember; this has started when I was a kid. I don’t see anything much wrong with it as outside of this, I can function pretty well in life, and I don’t think this makes me fragile. Before going on disability, I had a busy life. Raising my kids, working long hours, of course driving, and generally did what I had to do. I was able to function pretty well but just won’t go in the high places, period.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not seeking advices how to overcome this. Although some sources are trying to motivate you to confront and treat it, I am not going this way. I am baffled by the statements that if left untreated, it’ll get worse. Beats me how they arrived at this conclusion. How do they know? My phobia isn’t getting any better or worse but is just being there and not going anywhere. I simply avoid the situations where I can experience this fear, that’s all. Problem solved.

Enter tow trucks. Years ago, I had experienced my first dash light. In hindsight, I could’ve continued driving but anxiety got the best of me & I called AAA who sent a tow truck my way. And here he comes.

These trucks traditionally have slightly higher positioned seats which I had to climb into. I managed with a little difficulty that didn’t escape the tow truck driver’s attention. As the truck started going, I became slightly uncomfortable in my higher seat, although didn’t utter a word.  This however didn’t go unnoticed by the driver which explains his further actions.

Aside from the fact that he chose the longest way around to rack in more miles, he made a brief stop at a convenience store. In he goes for a cup of coffee while I’m staying behind. Then he appears and offers me a free coffee if I only as much as step down and get off the darn truck. I said no. He proceeded on teasing me in this direction but finally quit. I was feeling horrible, while at the same time unsure as to what to say. Intimidated, humiliated, vulnerable, and plain hateful. I hated the truck driver and myself at the same time. I was tempted to up and run but where to? Being about a hundred or so miles from home doesn’t make the task easier.

Finally made it home and the truck driver made a faint attempt to help me off the truck. Instead of saying, screw you, I bit my tongue and made it down on my own.

My last experience with yet another tow truck was a polar opposite. It was earlier today when I couldn’t start my car so I called AAA and requested a tow. My prayers came true and this one has a flatbed. Getting in and out was a cinch since this truck had a hand rail, I think this is the name of it, that I could grab a hold of while getting in and out. The driver didn’t have an attitude and I left positive feedback for this company all over the net.

Good thing I don’t ride tow trucks on a daily basis.

Beats me why some folks come with an attitude. What is wrong with some people? This is a rhetoric question. Thanks for reading this.


This story was inspired by my feelings and the Daily Prompt: Fragile. Still, I don’t think that I was being fragile, albeit only emotionally and for a brief moment in time…

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4 Responses to Today’s Prompt: FRAGILE. Fear of heights, tow trucks, and stigma

  1. Nice and funny. True, some people have an attitude.

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  2. I would not for anything in the world stand where that individual is standing in the picture. I fear height; though strangely I don’t fear traveling by plane. I fear standing on the balcony of a storey building or on a tall tree.

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  3. kkeevins says:

    Hi Anna! Your post made me laugh. We’re all so different — I LOVE that (makes the world go ’round, right?) I LOVE heights, and tow trucks — stigmas tick me off. I can’t get high enough time in the air — I adore flying. Besides the obvious (planes), I’ve parasailed and experienced the adventure of hot air ballooning. Loved every second of each. Here’ the difference — I love the ocean (What’s more beautiful then the waves crashing against the shore?), but no way, no how, would I ever take a cruise — not happening. I have a good friend who scuba dives! Have fun, is my answer to that. Bottom line: I need to stay on top of the water and in the air. Viva la difference!
    –Kathy from:


    • Thanks for your reply, Kathy. Your response is very negative and telling about your true understanding or lack of such in regards to the mental illnesses as well as stigma.

      I bet my paycheck that you wouldn’t say any of the above in the real world, face to face. However, it’s much easier to post this electronically, from behind your computer. Gotcha.


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