Today’s Prompt: Unfinished. How I Lost Weight on Vegetarian Diet

About a month ago I blogged about Diet-to-Go that I tried for one week. I have lost a pound and a half that wasn’t bad yet nothing remarkable. I went from 152 pounds down to 150.5, and that’s all. A small consolation was that at least I didn’t gain any weight. Oh well.

Now I decided to try something else, completely on my own. It was a vegetarian diet that some of my friends swear by. There’s nothing new about it but I’ve never had it before so thought I’d give it a try.

For about a week, I didn’t eat any meat but only fruits and vegetables, some dairy and plenty of water. I didn’t formally exercise but was physically active.


And here go the results:  145 pounds on my bathroom scale last night.  5 pounds down from 150, and I did this on my own terms.  Love it!

My BMI is 23.4 that falls into the lovely normal range.  My morning fasting blood sugar was consistently in the 90s.

Woo hoo!!


However not being vegetarian by nature, last night I gave in to craving and had a pork chop; it tasted like heaven. My weight is still 145 lbs.

Besides, my way of losing weight played rather nicely into my budget.  Diet-to-Go would cost at least $100 a week, while mine — a small fraction of that.

And this is only the beginning. Hence unfinished as per Daily Prompt


Inspired by Daily Prompt: UNFINISHED and my own experience.

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13 Responses to Today’s Prompt: Unfinished. How I Lost Weight on Vegetarian Diet

  1. chattykerry says:

    Excellent result, Anna. After my ER visit, I have had to adapt my vegetarian diet into a flexitarian diet with eggs, milk, cheese and some chicken. Strangely, I have lost weight and feel better.

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  2. Wow this is awesome. I’m inclined to try a vegetarian diet too 🙂

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  3. Hi, I thank Nikki for hosting the Meet and Greet. I love to meet more bloggers to sharing His blessings. Here is my blog:

    Your blog has a lot of good tips for diabetics. Thank you for sharing. Will be back.

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  4. kate1975 says:

    Congratulations. Good for you.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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  5. John says:

    That’s awesome!! Wish I could pull that off, being Type 2 and need to drop lots of weight…

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