Today’s Prompt: Rearrange. My ways of writing a post

I’m glad that The Daily Post even came up with the idea of rearranging as this is exactly the way I write my posts.

Generally I like the idea of prompts, though occasionally I get stuck when writing from a prompt.

Most of the time I am not able to write a post in one sitting; I have to stop and look at my creation in the making, once again think about the topic and how I want it to play out.

I will add more details, change, rearrange, and hopefully wrap it up. Just like I’m doing now.


Inspired by Today’s Prompt:  Rearrange

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4 Responses to Today’s Prompt: Rearrange. My ways of writing a post

  1. Blogging is just like writing a book or an article for a newspaper or magazine. It’s not a good idea to write a post in one sitting unless it’s a simple one. Better to write it and then read it a day or more after with fresh eyes. Also I think that one has to do some editing in order to shorten it as much as possible. I find that too many posts are too long and difficult to absorb. If one writes a long post it may be a good idea to make two or more posts out of it.

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  2. Thanks for sharing such great post. Prompts are important. Nice to meet you.

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  3. I like using the prompt on days that my brain is asleep and can’t prompt itself to think of anything 🙂
    You are invited to my Blog-O-Ween taking place right now. Some ghouls are waiting 🙂

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  4. Yes, it does take some shifting around! I always say “I will just write a quick blog”….and then an hour has passed!

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