The Daily Prompt: Desire

It all started when I ordered refills of a few meds at Walgreens as usual, but the surprise awaited when the time came to make the payment. After the fact I give Walgreens credit for notifying me about a significant price increase but upon hearing the news, I was royally pissed. Nearly $500 for 3 tubes of clobetasol ointment that I use to battle my psoriasis! No way!

Psoriasis and I have been together for the longest time during which I tried this and that but ended up with the above ointment as this seems to be the only one that works for me.

The other refill, for the same length of time for Gabapentin (neuropathy med), brought up an unheard of price of $1,400.


My first thought was, Walgreens must be out of their mind. This must be a mistake. This isn’t happening!! I immediately went online and deleted my credit card info from the Express Pay. Done with that, I sighed with relief and sent an email expressing my deep disappointment.

By doing so, I inadvertently invited more trouble. The way it works with Walgreens, each reply is treated as my automatic approval of the refill price. However since the credit card info was gone, nothing happened except an exchange of a few more emails or so I thought. The “exchange” turned out a one way street, and my desire to communicate fell on deaf ears.

After having done some internet research, I came to the conclusion that it’s not Walgreens the one being out of their mind but rather Big Pharma.  An Arizona doctor reports on his website that a price of over $200 for a tube of said ointment is not unusual nowadays.

The good doctor has a theory that might as well be true. He states two reasons for the price increase. First, Big Pharma bought out small companies, thus efficiently eliminating competition, and then again, under Affordable Care Act, Medicare cannot negotiate lower prices for the meds. This gives Big Pharma free rein to increase prices as they see fit. And increase they did.

I guess I will have to do without Gaba and the pain pills. As far as ointment goes, I stocked up a bit on it so will manage for a while. If per chance our president finds a way to return the meds prices to where they were before, I might even start respecting him. Yea right, a fat chance.

Thanks for the ear.

The Daily Prompt: Desire

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  1. DevBlog says:

    ! If it is less you can go to Walgreens or wherever and see if you can get a match on it.

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  2. micketalbot says:

    Hello Stranger,
    Hi Anna, made me feel a tad remiss seeing your avatar appear in my notifications, so into my poetry now, please forgive. Happy though that you liked my acrostic ‘passport’, thank you.


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  3. Good gracious! That’s alarming and almost criminal. How on earth can one sustain paying such hefty amount for medication? It’s ridiculous.

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  4. Laura says: Cow. Some of my meds are pretty costly and the first nine months of the year are painful (until I’ve met my deductible). None of them are $1400, though. My word!!
    Good luck.

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  5. LydiaA1614 says:

    Here’s an idea for you – my dog takes the same gabapentin that I do300 mg capsules. You may want to contact a local vet and pretend to be calling for your dog. Ask how much THEY charge for it. If it is less you can go to Walgreens or wherever and see if you can get a match on it. I am not trying to be funny or make light of the situation. We have had some of our meds increased like that as well – thankfully Hubby’s extended medical covers most of it. And I couldn’t go without my gabs for any length of time!

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  6. chape says:


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