How often to check blood sugar?

Checking blood sugar is an important part of diabetes management.  But how often to do so is a good question.  In this context, I am talking about type 2 diabetes. Ever since I was first diagnosed, I was instructed to check it once a day, first thing in the morning. As of now, I am not on insulin or any diabetic meds and am hoping this would last forever. Am not a big fan of any meds.

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The answer depends on who you ask. There are several message boards where posters will tell you to do this after each meal; the time frame varies anywhere between half an hour to a couple hours.  ADA in its wisdom, recommends to check BG  before meals or 2 hours after.  Diabetes Management site states that the count of time should start at the beginning of a meal.  Oh well.

Anyway, I am not doing this (checking BG after meals). No thanks, not me. I am not going to do this every so often. Methinks it makes no sense, considering that sugar intake isn’t the only cause of elevated BG. Lots of other factors play in as well, such as lack of sleep, being sick or in pain, activity level, an occasional bad strip, change in weather or just because.   Moreover, I am not going to double- or triple- check my BG level with different meters;  I don’t even own different meters.  I think this is an overkill and totally unnecessary.

It makes me wonder who invented the concept of checking postprandial (after meals) BG; big pharma is my best guess. Of course it would be more than happy to sell you more & more strips and pens. If big pharma had to rely on me, they’d go belly up.

Back in the day when I worked in a hospital, we only checked BG before meals, even in the Intensive Care Unit. The only instance when we did check a postprandial BG was if a patient was running low (below 70), we would give them a cup of orange juice and re-check BG about half an hour later.

I am usually checking my fasting BG in the morning, once a day, and even then, not every day. What matters is A1C showing the average BG for the last three months. My last A1C was 6.0, an improvement from 6.2 three months prior.

I want to add that some folks don’t check their BG at all because they don’t like needles or fingersticks.  So they rely on how their neuropathy feels.  Although I don’t feel this way, I can’t blame them.

My $0.02.  Your mileage may vary;  this is my mileage

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  1. I check mine every morning while fasting. I might check it later in the day to see if it went down, but usually it stays high. I am trying to get it down, but it seems no matter what I eat, or don’t eat, it stays high. I’m type 2 and on pills and insulin. Such a pain!

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  2. Well let me correct…mummy of course checks her bg before meals and sometimes after. Based in what she eats and reading on meter she takes her meds and if she is going to be active she adjust her meds..

    I dont think any hospital person understands diabetes can u understand something you dont have..they just follow rules and dont look at the bidy the person the general health..and may be you are right about the big pharmas… oh this makes me mad

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  3. I agree with you my mum has diabeties and she is on meds.. she doesnt check.. nor does she take the med as per prescription as each body is different. You are right bg is high if you are not well.. i learnt this when mum had a heart bypass op.. but the hospital put her insulin and so many times she had lows bg because of their 2 hour rule.

    Your lucky u arent meds..hope you can stay that way.

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