Feeling tired? Check your blood sugar

First off, a bit of introduction. Admittedly, I have taken a break from the blogging, mostly for the reason that I didn’t know what to blog about. But decided to come back, and here goes.

Feel tired? I can relate. I have been feeling this way lately and for no apparent reason. One day I felt absolutely wiped out. I didn’t do anything special, only picked up my car from the repairs, then did some grocery shopping followed by stopping by at the Big Lots next door, and then went home.

Came home, I am super tired. Exhausted. No energy left except to crash down and sleep. And the good thing is, I slept through the entire night that is very unusual for me. Have been doing so ever since.

In the morning I went on analyzing the events that led to this and came to the conclusion that the carbs were the culprit. Granted, I overdid in that department a bit, and now the time has come to pay for having fun. Yeah what else is new; there’s always a price to pay for having fun but that is another story altogether. It’s like an instant gratification upside down.

Actually, I was the culprit. Went a bit adrift in the land of carbs.

So I decided to be proactive and for the next a few days, I watched the carbs intake like a hawk and was mostly sipping my home brewed tea with no sugar added.  Following that, I felt much better. And still do.

My morning fasting number was 101.

5. May 22. METER

And the Daily Prompt, as always, hit the nail right on the head. ADRIFT

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  2. Hmm! I have been feeling fatigued of late and yes I’ve been indulging in a whole lot of carbs. I am going to cut back and see. I will let you know how it goes.
    You are welcome to join June’s blog party going on right now.

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  3. Rick Phillips says:

    At my house, if a certain person (me) records a picture of 100 on his meter, he gets one dollar. I usually use it to buy ice cream. LOL not really, I normally buy computer items. For instance, as far as my wife knows, a new router costs $4.00 go figure.

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