My Morning Fasting Blood Sugar

It was a whopping 116. I couldn’t believe my eyes as this hasn’t happened in a long time. Lately my fasting numbers were fairly close to a 100, sometimes even 99 that was super normal for me. And now this.

I immediately jumped by the computer and went on googling. Guess what, a number of websites state that for those who are blessed with diabetes (type 2), fasting numbers should be under 130 mg/dl, while for those without it, 70-99. So my number was normal after all.  Or maybe it was a bad strip.
11. Nov 8. BG chart

So I went on about my usual morning business, having breakfast and drinking lots of water. 2 hours later my postprandial number is 102. Woo hoo!
102 postprandial

A few words about my breakfast.  I had cream of wheat that I thought was an innocent low carb food.  However, after having taken a close look at the Nutrition Panel, I found out that it in fact, contains 24g of carbs for a serving size of 3 tablespoons.   Here now, see for yourself.
1a cream of wheat

Hmm.  I never count how many spoons I eat, usually pretty much eyeball it.  So I might have overdone a bit with that.  Nevertheless, my postprandial number speaks for itself.  Yay.

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