Post-meal blood sugar spikes

Contrary to the popular belief, a spike in blood sugar after eating also known as postprandial hyperglycemia is not uncommon and typically not dangerous. Unless advised otherwise, most folks with diabetes don’t even have to check their blood sugar after meals. Postprandial numbers are different from the fasting ones. The normal postprandial number is under 180 mg/dL within 1 or 2 hours after eating. And yes, we  can consume carbs. According to my dietitian, the plan is to consume up to 2 carbs per snack and 3-4 carbs per meal. One carb is 15g. Once you start counting carbs, after a while you do this pretty effortlessly.

I almost never check my postprandial BG.  Did check it once when my fasting number was 116, but that must have been due to a bad strip. After having a bowl of oatmeal and checking it again 2 hours later, my number was 101. Otherwise my fasting numbers are normal, around 100 give or take. A few times it was even under 100 which is super normal. I am not on insulin or any diabetes medication, and am hoping this will last forever.

Diabetes is not a one-size-fits-all. Hence some of us will react differently to certain foods. There probably aren’t too many foods that we can never eat again. The keyword is how much. If for example you want some cheesecake, a bite or two would be enough.

Should you want to eat out, keep in mind that the portions nowadays grew up compared to what they used to be some good 20 years ago. This website provides some information about today’s phenomenon of a portion distortion along with a few solutions to such.  For example, a cup of coffee.  Does this look familiar?

Portion Distortion 2


Happy eating!


Source: Everyday Health

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