Guess who’s calling

Guess who’s calling.  My car registration, that’s who.

A bit of history.  Last year I have traded my old car for the snap orange VW Bug.   Now that the Bug plate stickers are up to expire next month, the time has come to renew them.   I first tried OPlates (online renewal),  only to be told that in the last summer a plate transfer was never completed, therefore my Bug was never registered.  Everything was still registered to my old car that is likely pushing daisies by now.   So I went to the local BMV who basically reiterated what I already knew and requested to produce the title so that we can start from square one.  Inasmuch I didn’t have one with me, I went home to retrieve it.

To be honest, I am the kind that tends to lose car titles.  Not anything else but only this.  With that in mind, I turned everything in the file cabinet upside down, had a vague idea where it could be, and bingo, found it!  Of course, it was sitting in the wrong folder.  Am bringing it to the BMV first thing tomorrow morning.

What I think happened was that someone at BMV checked the wrong box last year.  In hindsight, I should have double checked and read the small print.  But who in the world reads the small print on the car registration after you paid your due by a credit card and receive all the paperwork that you blindly trusted the BMV do it right??  But don’t bet on it.  A lesson learned.

And the good part is, I am single aka happily divorced.  I can’t even fathom what would have happened had I still been married to my now ex.  Most likely we would have gotten divorced anyway, right now, oh yeah over the misplaced car title, so the good thing is, it’s already done and over with (back in the 1990s).   Yay.

Glad I didn’t have any traffic tickets in the meantime.  A cop tells you that by the way, there’s something wrong with your plates — imagine that.


So much for the calling that WordPress wants us to write about.

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