Dealing with Diabetic Neuropathy

I will be talking about my Type 2 Diabetes that I have had for several years. At the time of bringing up the breaking news about it, I was informed that I did in fact had high blood sugar for years, showing on the metabolic panels blood tests done for my RA (rheumatoid arthritis). I had no access to these online and my rheumy doctor didn’t say a word about it, so I didn’t know. Chances are, I was diagnosed late when it finally did happen.

Scroll up to this morning when my legs started trying to kill me. This is known as diabetic neuropathy or nerve pain for short. The cause is commonly stated as high blood sugar but as far as I know, I have never had it high, the last A1C was 6.2, and my fasting numbers are always normal. Besides, I’ve been watching my carbs intake like a hawk. You wouldn’t want to go shopping with me as I always take my time reading Nutrition Panels. The other shoppers just grab their product and go on their merry way but not me.

Usually pain med helps but this time I decided to do without. I stepped into the hot shower and low and behold, the pain was gone. Aw paradise.

The word Neuropathy means nerve damage and it happens due to the BG being elevated over time. Please note, I am not saying ‘high’ but rather ‘elevated’. Both terms especially ‘high’ are highly subjective and can be interpreted every which way. In my opinion, diabetes complications have to do with the length of diabetes rather than with the individual BG levels. Blaming it on the BG levels alone sounds opinionated and judgmental, at least it is to me. But what else is new. Diabetics are traditionally blamed for their condition. Argh.

And once the neuropathy (nerve damage) happens, it doesn’t go away. You just have to deal with it.

Anyway, the pain is gone and I feel terrific. Doing a happy dance.

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2 Responses to Dealing with Diabetic Neuropathy

  1. Rick Phillips says:

    I am glad it has subsided. I hope that genie is put back in the bottle. Because I know it hurts like hell.

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  2. chattykerry says:

    I so empathize right now. A spinal condition causes my neuropathy and on a long drive back last night I could no longer feel my feet. Exercise seems to help mine but it is always there.

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