My opinion about five types of diabetes

Think you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes? Don’t bet on it. A team of researchers in Sweden and Finland (or in Scandinavia by some sources) recently came to the conclusion that adult-onset diabetes now has as many as five types aka clusters. This somehow has to do with the personalized medicine but as far as I am concerned, it has to do with the diabetes stigma. As if we didn’t have enough of it already.

(there’s also a Type 3 that results from the damaged pancreas. Often misdiagnosed as Type 2).

Here come the Clusters.
Mar 6. Clusters 1 and 2
As you can see, Clusters 1 and 2 combine Type 1 and LADA. The remaining three clusters are all about Type 2.

Mar 6. Clusters 3
Cluster 3 is characterized by insulin resistance, high BMI and a highest incidence of nephropathy (kidney damage resulting from diabetes). Dubbed as Severe Insulin-Resistant Diabetes or SIRD. Well, well, I guess I am insulin resistant but my BMI isn’t high and so far no nephropathy in sight.

The remaining two clusters are rather peculiar as they throw some terms around without much of a detail.
Mar 6. Clusters 4 and 5
Cluster 4 is characterized by obesity, younger age (definition, please!) and not insulin resistant. It is termed as Mild-obesity related diabetes or MOD for short. It is being silent about BG, A1C and such. Hmmm

Cluster 5 is characterized by older age (whatever that means) and modest metabolic alterations. Dubbed as Mild age-related diabetes or MARD. Not a word about insulin resistance, high HbA1C or a neuropathy.

As far as I am concerned, all this is more about attitudes and less about facts. Obesity, younger age and not insulin resistant, in absence of the classic diabetes symptoms this really doesn’t mean much to me. Okay maybe I’m missing something but exactly what is obesity?

In my humble opinion, this new view is one-sided and opens a whole new can of worms. And like I said, more of a stigma. Now NY Post claims that due to this recent discovery, diabetes can be reversed merely by changing a lifestyle and losing weight.  

Wow. How come that pro athletes have Type 2 diabetes? Now all folks that don’t fall into the category of thin, will be poked fingers at and told that they will get diabetes or have it already.   Reebok’s CEO will be happy, no doubt (I blogged about it a couple of years ago) 

To be continued



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