5.9 is my lucky number

I am talking about my last A1C number that slowly but surely is getting better. From 6.5 back in 2014 to 5.9 now. I didn’t do half of what is advised all over the web. I was physically active, well most of the time except for a few days when I was glued to my computer or to the TV that I watch local channels on with a rabbit ears antenna. But did not exercise per se. Watched my carbs intake but didn’t go on any special diet. Checked my fasting BG actually very seldom, once in a blue moon. But whenever I did check it, it was normal, anywhere from mid 90s to about 106.

And then I saw my doctor and boom, this result. 5.9!  My doc now thinks that I am having a pre-diabetes. I personally think that I still have diabetes albeit in hibernating mode, so am still watching carbs and trying to be physically active and that’s about it. My neuropathy is still here and goes nowhere; it obviously has nothing to do with the high BG. The thing is, when you get a nerve damage, it’s for life. So will have to live with it.

The improvement in A1C coincides with my stopping taking meds. A couple of years ago when the med prices skyrocketed, I decide to try living without them and see if it works. Found out that I can live without any meds, knock on the wood. Basically I am having good days and bad days, but I was having them back in the day when I was on the meds  just as well. So what’s the point of taking meds if they don’t make a difference? This isn’t really a question. Am just thinking out loud.

Here now, the history of my A1C tests over the years. Slight improvement in each of the last two years, ever since I stopped taking meds. Yay (doing a happy dance)

A1C Hx

Obviously, over-medication was the culprit. Will have to do a bit of a research and blog about this phenomenon.

The Daily Prompt — Slight

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