Premature is happening

I am sitting at an intersection and waiting for the longest red light in the world to change to green, while someone is urging me to make a premature left turn before the change takes place. How I ended up here is another story.

After years of disability and now retirement, I have found a job. Yay. I am working for an agency who will send me to take care of older folks in their homes. Mary (not her real name) is my first case. I am driving her around and the last stop is a local Target where she bought gifts for her grandchildren. Coming out of Target and boom, the longest red light in the world is staring at us.

Pixabay 1 red traffic light with text

We’re waiting and waiting and no green light on the horizon. I didn’t time it but it was awfully long. Mary goes, there’s something wrong with this light. And she wants me to proceed with the left turn on red. I politely refused and tried to assure her that the light will soon change.

No really. If I make a left on the red light and something goes wrong, it will be all my fault. A police station is in the next block over. With my luck, no doubt they’ll catch me, maybe even in the act, and will find guilty of a failure to yield (been there, done that). It would be MY points on the license, MY ticket, MY paying for it, MY increase in the insurance fees and who knows what else. All this crossed my mind in a split second while I was trying to explain the concept of a failure to yield to Mary; not sure it registered. I am glad that I stood my ground, and of course, the light eventually has changed to green. All is well.


The Daily Prompt — Premature

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6 Responses to Premature is happening

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  2. I can see your reasoning. I always hope not to get stuck on a long light and the first car. I have watched people run th light and then the light changed, and saw people get caught. So, I wait about ten minutes, and then I may go, if it is safe. It is hard to decide.

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  3. I was stuck at a light that actually did not change. I just had to eventually go. It was a terrible feeling because I felt as you did. It would be my rotten luck to get a ticket but what do you do when it never changes?

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