The Daily Prompt is gone, now what?

In view of the recent changes on WordPress when the Daily Prompts vanished into eternity, I have decided to start my own prompts. On the spur of the moment, I will write and publish my short stories. Not sure that I can manage doing so on a daily basis but maybe weekly or so.

How long is a short story? Google sources quote anywhere upwards from about 1,000. Some sources claim that under 280 words is a tweet, while some others suggest at least 1,500 words as a starting point.

The John Fox site admits it’s a tricky one.  And quotes Edgar Allen Poe who “described the proper length of a short story by saying it had to be something readable in a single sitting.” I personally like this definition rather than the word counting. And by the way, do you know how to count words on Microsoft Word? Click Review tab, and to the left, in the Proofing section, you see Word Count; click that.  Here goes:

6 June 10. Word Count hovered on

My first short story that follows, will be about MOODS.
176 words is all I could muster so far.

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