Uplifting my mood

As I promised about a week ago, I am starting a series of my own prompts. The first one will be a short story about moods uplifting.  Not that I wasn’t writing short stories before, but this one starts a new chapter after reluctantly saying good bye to the Daily Prompts.

Speaking of uplift, google provides plenty of choices. Meanwhile, true to my DIY nature, I am discovering my own. Changeovers, I just love them, so dressing up my bed was my first step in that direction. And it even worked, albeit with a few bumps.  Well, nothing is perfect.   Here comes my new Nautica Quilt.  This isn’t exactly a patchwork quilt but rather something pieced together but I loved it regardless. I snatched one on special at Macy’s for $70; a great deal or so I thought.

Not so fast. First off, it’s THIN. And if this wasn’t enough, the quilt came without shams although I clearly remember seeing them in the picture. Speaking of Macy’s website, it’s quite something. Unlike the other sites, Macy wants you to manually enter your order number each and every time you inquire. Want to email customer service? Here’s your captcha. You know, the kind of captcha where you click on roads, cars and such?  Argh. This wasn’t required at the checkout or anywhere else, but only when contacting customer service. I of course flunked, but then again, there’s always Facebook.  I am offered to return it but decided to keep as I still love the pattern.  My google search yielded a possibility to add more batting and a new lining. This will be my next project.

And this is exactly what lifted my mood. Still love my new quilt unconditionally and the new look of my bed. Changeover, the mission accomplished.

Here now, see for yourself. The pillowcase doesn’t really match but this was the best I could do in absence of a sham. Everything is cotton though. Cool, isn’t it?

June 16. Quilt

Want more quotes and pics to uplift your mood? How about some Pinterest:

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