So you want to buy a bedcover

Quilt or comforter or any bedcover for this matter. I will discuss mostly the former as this hits close to home.

Bedcover shopping can get complicated and confusing. Ever noticed how it looks in the picture and how yours turned out? You are not alone; I’ve seen a bunch of the negative reviews by the disappointed buyers who couldn’t achieve said look.
6 June 18. Big Sister, Little Brother — with source


The problem is, there are bedspreads and then there are coverlets; these terms sometimes are used interchangeably, yet they mean slightly different things. The coverlets are smaller and the bedspreads are larger, even in the same size category.

Think about them as a big sister and a little brother. So a bedspread is like a big sister and a coverlet, a little brother. Similar to this picture that I found on Pinterest.


It’s worth mentioning that nowadays everything is THINNER.  Like my quilt that I blogged about another day.  Argh. Mine is just a tad thicker than a top sheet. No, really.  I am thinking to (maybe) add more batting with a new liner to it to make it a bit on the heavier side.   This goes on my bucket list.

And as if this wasn’t enough, there’s more. It seems that every manufacturer has their own idea of the dimensions even in the same size category.  So ladies and gentlemen, grab you tape measure and take it to your bed, the results of which you then compare to the ACTUAL dimensions of your chosen quilt or comforter. Don’t rely on what’s in the picture. Read the specifications. If you skip this step, it will stare you in the face later on.

After all said and done, sometimes you might want to up a size depending on the final look that you’re trying to achieve, and whether or not you’ll be using a bedskirt.

By comparison, have you ever noticed how the insides of a comforter bunch up in the corners? Back in the day when I had comforters, this was driving me nuts. It happens because the insides are made of polyester. This phenomenon most likely is closely related to the price but I bet not always. Just another feature that you might want to be aware of.

Good luck with your bedding shopping. I hope that my post helps to make a difference.

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