All in a day’s work

I work a few hours a week for an agency that provides care for the older folks in their homes. I come to people’s homes and do whatever needs done. In this blog, I am not going to use the clients’ real names for the privacy reasons. I will collectively call all of them Mary. Another day I blogged about Mary1 in response to a Daily Prompt, and now I’m visiting Mary2.  First thing we do is prepping for the Laundry Day.

Mary2 is a perfectionist. She does everything perfectly; even her queen size bed is always made exactly the same way. The sheets and everything look precisely the same each and every day.

Mary2 is headed to the hamper, out which I pull a shopping tote with the laundry. She picks each and every piece of lingerie, underwear and whatnot, by the top of it, and neatly lays it on the floor. This yields three neat piles. Then she picks each pile and ever so carefully places it into a huge plastic shopping bag from Bed, Bath and Beyond, one on top of the other. Done, and off to the washing machine it goes.

You know how everything gets agitated in the washer and the dryer? So what’s the point of folding them so perfectly? I am however not asking this out loud; just watching in amazement.

Done with the laundry prep, we’re headed to the kitchen. Mary2 wants to make a cup of coffee for which she uses a little Melitta coffee filter placed on the top of a brewing cone which in turn goes to the top of her coffee mug. My task is to pour EXACTLY 2-1/2 cups of water from the water filter pitcher into the measuring cup. Per chance I happen to pour just a bit more water, she will catch up on that promptly and will pour the extra quarter of a cup down the sink.

What’s the point? She’ll still be using just as much water as it takes to fill her coffee mug. Again, I’m not asking this out loud, just smile sweetly and say sorry.

Then Mary2 sits down to the table for her morning coffee and offers me a Dark Chocolate Dole Banana Dipper. My carbs special. I try to refuse, she insists; repeat. And then she goes, some people can’t have it because they have diabetes.


Again, I am not saying this out loud. I am screaming inside, like what is your business whether or not I have diabetes? You hit the nail right on the head, happy now? On the outside, I am smiling and thanking for the treat. I am just not in the mood for chocolate right now, Mary2. Maybe next time.

The working day was over soon, and I’m just as happy.

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  1. Interesting, both your stories and your job. Thanks for sharing.

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